About Claudia

Claudia is a native of Chicago who joined the Navy to serve her country.  As a naval officer she led personnel, managed assets, and supported missions both stateside and overseas for 29 years. She excelled as a leader and a specialist, retiring as a Captain and Foreign Area Officer – essentially a military diplomat.


The skills she honed as a problem solver, interagency coordinator, communicator, negotiator, and researcher will enhance her effectiveness in the legislature. During her military career she lived the Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment.  These values continue to guide her as she changes course to serve in a new capacity in New Mexico. 


The Navy moved Claudia to New Mexico over twenty years ago for recruiting duty. She fell in love with the big sky, unique and beautiful landscape, friendly people, interesting culture and history, and, of course, the red and green chile. When she and her husband, Rick, were returning to the US, they chose to return to New Mexico. Claudia remains as enchanted with the environment as ever and protecting it through conservation, energy transition, and building resilience for the future is her passion.

About Claudia

In addition to being a retired Navy Captain, Claudia earned her PhD degree from Old Dominion University in 2018. The research for her Doctorate in International Studies focused on how four global port cities are adapting to climate change as they deal with sea level rise, chronic flooding and frequent, severe storm damage. The study highlights the adverse impact of politicizing policy making around the climate crisis. With this background knowledge and her passion, Claudia will be an environmental champion making good decisions that will protect our land, jobs, tax dollars and future.

Working with the community to improve rural infrastructure that will support existing, and attract new, local businesses is a key goal. New businesses bring jobs and economic development, strengthen a community, and enable our people to thrive economically in the unique setting of rural New Mexico.

Claudia’s vision is of a stronger New Mexico with an invigorated local economy, a more resilient environment, an education system that primes the next generation to excel in the workforce, timely and effective health care for all veterans and military families, and improved rural infrastructure.  “These goals are within our reach if we work together to achieve what is in the best interest of our communities for now and the future”. 

Claudia Risner is running for New Mexico Senate District 19 because of her continuing commitment to public service, her love of New Mexico, and her desire to work with her neighbors in the community and the state for a stronger future.

Claudia Risner

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