Citizen Endorsements!

William P.

As a veteran and East Mountains resident, I'm happy to endorse a brilliant woman who's also a veteran and East Mountains resident to finally give the East Mountains true representation in the New Mexico Senate.

Nickolas B.

Claudia is the strongest candidate in District 19 on climate. Whether it's community solar, water rights, or combating climate change Claudia will put our planet ahead of fossil fuel interests.

Nick Bevins.jpg
Millie P.

I fully support Claudia for NM Senate 19 because of her stance on climate change and her advocacy for Veterans.

Colton D.

Claudia will bring world-wide perspective and experience to New Mexico.

Sue W.

Claudia is an Armed Forces veteran, a highly educated climate change activist, and she has already contributed so much to NM's climate change dialogue.

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Cornelial L

Claudia is a highly qualified candidate whose experience and education makes her uniquely qualified to represent this district. Her 29 years of experience in the Navy guarantees that she will successfully be able to work with all the folks in her district who have different viewpoints. Her post graduate education gives her a solid background to handle the complexity of the issues that New Mexico is addressing now. She is approachable and friendly and will be a joy to work with by both her constituents and others working with this district.

Roxanne C.

I like that Claudia listens to everyone and tries to come up with the best solutions for all of us. She has much relevant experience in working with various groups of people and bringing them together for common solutions. She is running a positive campaign which reflects her positive and supportive attitude towards all citizens.


Claudia takes her run for Senate District 19 very serious. She attends many functions around the state of New Mexico to stay informed on the pulse of we the people.
Claudia’s extensive worldly Navy background and her affinity for connecting with her constituents is exactly what we need for NM Senate District 19.


John B.
Gwendolyn B.

Claudia is extremely intelligent, and understands the complexities of the crucial issues facing NM. She is tireless, committed and compassionate. I’ve had the privilege of volunteering with her and can testify to her energy and dedication!