Citizen Endorsements

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I have known Claudia for many years, and have been impressed by the way she listens to people and digs down to the core problems of today's complex culture. She has been stationed in many different states and and countries, and has seen what works and what does not. Her energetic, can-do attitude is just what New Mexico needs to address today's difficult issues.

Robert F.

Claudia has a proven track record of taking on challenges and producing positive results. She is passionate about serving others, as her dedicated Navy career illustrates. Just as important, she is a proven strategic planner who has taken on complex issues to provide solutions that improve the outcome. There are no easy answers in today’s complex environment, but there are definitely actions that can make a real difference. Voters who want to move New Mexico forward in a positive way should vote for Claudia – she won’t disappoint.

Joanne F.

I have known Claudia since 1995, as she was my Executive Officer when I commanded Navy Recruiting District, Albuquerque. She was a tireless worker of integrity, professionalism, and a focused determination to succeed; qualities she still has. She achieved great success in a stellar 29-year Navy career, and her sustained record of consistently superior performance more than demonstrate she will do that which is best for her constituents and New Mexico.

Juan C.