Past Presentations

Rep. Abbas Akhil

Rep. Abbas Akhil from NM State House District 20 and Claudia talked about the critical energy and climate issues facing New Mexico. They will explore the legislation that he worked to get passed into law and the next steps needed to preserve our energy future. 

Minutes 1 to 14

Claudia is a retired US Navy Captain with a PhD dissertation comparing how different port cities adapt to sea level rise. Representative Akhil is a leading expert in the world on solar issues and has endorsed Claudia Risner for NM Senate District 19. 

Minutes 14 to 32

Rep Akhil is not seeking reelection and we will miss him, his expertise, gentle spirit and work ethic! Fortunately, Abbas will remain involved to advise on energy issues and is passing the baton to Claudia to continue his fight to bring good policy and modernization to the energy sector in New Mexico. 

Minutes 32 to 50

Question and Answer segment.

Minutes 50 to 71