I believe our leaders have a responsibility and moral obligation to protect and conserve our environment. Preservation of our natural resources is critical to the continued livelihood and well being of residents, ranchers, and farmers.


All New Mexicans have the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and feed our children food that is grown on healthy soil. Our leaders must have the courage to take strong action now to ensure a healthy future and environment for all our communities.

I am inspired by the opportunities created when we embrace clean technology and sustainable energy. As New Mexico transitions to renewables, large scale expansion of these new energy sources will benefit rural areas and local residents directly through training, jobs, and revenue reinvestment. Legislators have a responsibility to move quickly on this transition so New Mexico can take charge of its economy, retain the wealth generated by our resources, and lead the nation in the growing renewable energy industry.



I honor the patriotism, service, and sacrifice veterans have given to their country. It was a privilege to serve in the US Navy for 29 years. I am a strong advocate and will work tirelessly to ensure our veterans and military families become a priority and receive the benefits they have earned through their service to our country.


I believe our children are the foundation and hope for a bright future. I am grateful to my country for investing in me and my education. I am committed to do the same for our children's education and provide them opportunities to thrive, learn and reach their potential. Improving our education system to prime the next generation for success in the workforce is a critical step in strengthening our society, our economy, and our future. All New Mexico students deserve access to an education that sets them up for success.



I am committed to building our rural infrastructure to unite our New Mexico communities. I believe it is a legislator’s responsibility to make sure there are opportunities for ALL New Mexicans so we can move forward together into the 21st century.

It is heart-wrenching to know that not all New Mexicans have access to medical care and are forced to face impossible choices every day. I value the security and prosperity of each of my fellow New Mexicans and believe we should extend compassionate care to each other. When communities have access to affordable health care, people are healthier, more productive, and more financially secure.


Doctor's Appointment


Economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic will require creativity and a commitment to building a more resilient economy. I am passionate about expanding our economic opportunities. New Mexico has tremendous potential for growth and diversification. We must take charge of our resources, market our powerhouse renewables, and develop a state bank to keep our wealth here to benefit all New Mexicans.  


I believe in the basic human dignity of all people. I especially believe

in the kindness, compassion and goodness of Americans and

New Mexicans. We can all agree it is un-American and contrary to the values and morals of people of faith to tear families apart or

put children in cages.