Past Presentations

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Claudia and her guests Senator Michael Padilla (SD 14), John Badal and Catherine Nicolaou of Sacred Wind Communications explore the challenges and solutions to connecting rural New Mexico with 21st Century cell and broadband service. The Q & A time is included in this recording. 
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Claudia and her guests Paul Stull, President of Credit Union Association of NM, and Rep Day Hochman-Vigil (HD 15), had an interesting and informative conversation exploring the idea of a New Mexico Public Bank. Sarah Manning also joined to round out the expert panel. 
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Here is the recording of the free flowing conversation between Claudia Risner, former Senator Dede Feldman and Senator Jeff Steinborn. Claudia and the Senators talked about ethics reform in New Mexico and absentee voting for the general election in November.
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Claudia and Rep. Abbas Akhil talked about the critical energy and climate issues facing New Mexico. They will explored the legislation that he worked to get passed into law and the next steps needed to preserve our energy future. Claudia Risner is committed to using her climate expertise and 29 years of logistical experience to deliver solutions and results in the
NM Senate. 
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Claudia's guests were:

Joann Hilton, P.G. is a consultant on hydrology and water resource planning. She spoke about EM Community Water Protection. 

Melanie Stansbury, State House Representative from district 28. She works on issues related to economic development and sustainability to ensure our state's energy and water security.

Mike Neas, a water and climate change activist talked about how Climate Change, the Rio Chama and the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority are all connected.